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I Spy is a guessing game usually played in families with young children, partly to assist in both observation and in alphabet familiarity. I spy is often played as a car game.

One person starts by choosing an object (a cow, for example) and says "I spy with my little eye, something beginning with C" or simply "I spy something beginning with C." The other players look around and suggest things it might be: "Crow" (no), "Car" (no), "Cloud" (no), "Cow" - yes. The person who guesses correctly often gets to choose the next object.

Often the game is played without the accumulation of points, and winning a round simply results in the initiation of further play.

When played in a car, the group playing may need to decide beforehand what to do about items that are no longer visible (the field with the cows is a mile back - usually permitted but the person choosing the object has to say "I can't see it any more" and "I can see it now"). Sometimes items within the car are excluded.

A slightly more challenging version uses phrases - "I spy with my little eye something beginning with B A W C" for "Black and white cow". A further variation to the game is titled 'I hear with my little ear'. It functions, as the title suggests, with sounds instead of sights.

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